Changelog Scrolls Alpha 0.70

For those of you who are interested, here is the changelog for the latest Scrolls Alpha Update:


Version 0.70


  • Area spells now indicate which tiles will be affected when hovering the board (this includes Inferno Blast, Frost Wind, Decimation and Thunder Surge).
  • Added player ratings – these can be seen in the arena and are automatically updated after each match. In the future, ranking will be calculated and used for ranked matches. Players who do not want to play¬†competitively¬†will be able to play unranked matches.
  • Added in-game chat. Press enter to open the chat window.
  • The lobby chat has been improved. It is now divided into rooms. Players automatically enter the first available “General-X” room on entering the arena, and are then free to move around in listed rooms or create their own rooms. Additionally, a scrollbar has been added to this chat.
  • Added volume controls (SFX and music). Only in-game for now – we’ll add an out-of-game settings menu later.
  • Added in-game gold, which is earned by playing games. There is some randomness to the amount earned, but it’s based on things like game type, AI difficulty (in case of singleplayer games), game length and whether or not you won the game.
  • Added a first iteration of an ingame store, where players can use in-game gold to buy new cards.
  • To allow players to unlock new cards when playing, all decks have been reset, and all players have been given the cards contained in three started decks (one Growth, one Energy, and one Order). Players can use the store to get more cards.
  • Added game statistics, shown at the end of a match.
  • Removed all scrolls and decks from all users. Users will be given 3 starter decks, one of each resource type.


  • NEW: End of Reason is now implemented. Cost: 5 energy. Sacrifices all of your units, and deals 1 damage per unit to opponent’s idol on the same row.
  • NEW: Essence Feast is now implemented. Cost: 6 growth. Heals your idols an amount equal to the number of creatures you control on each row.
  • NEW: Unleash Inner Power is now implemented. Cost: 4 growth. Increases target creature’s attack by its health value, then sets health to 1.
  • NEW: Bunny!
  • Shift has been changed into Pother. Cost: 1 order. Target unit is moved to a random unoccupied, adjacent tile. Draw a card.
  • Flip now costs 2 order.
  • Transposition now lets you draw a card (Switch places between two units you control, then draw a card).
  • Brother of The Wolf’s activated ability no longer costs resources to activate.
  • Sinmarked Zealot can now only activate his ability in place of an attack (that is, when his counter is at 0).
  • Potion of Life has been renamed to Elan Vital, and now lasts indefinitely.
  • Decimation now deals 2 damage to all units on row, and 2 damage to opponent’s idol on row.
  • Gun Automaton countdown nerfed from 1 to 2, attack buffed from 1 to 2. Current stats: 2/2/3, ranged, cost 2.
  • Gravelock Raider countdown nerfed from 1 to 2, defense buffed from 1 to 2. Current stats: 1/2/2, relentless, cost 1.
  • Royal Vanguard now has a new ability, Knockback, instead of his previous abilities (Relentless, attack value increase on attack). Additionally, his cost has been lowered from 5 to 4. Knockback moves unit hit one tile backwards. If a knocked back unit would collide with another unit, the two units switch places.


  • Enchantment tooltips now display the full card rules instead of a shorthand description. This should lead to more accurate descriptions.
  • Retaliate has been renamed to Spiky in order to better explain how it works. The tooltip has also been corrected (it erroneously used to say that the damage was dealt before the unit was attacked). When a unit with Spiky X is attacked, it deals X damage to its attacker (regardless of whether the defending unit dies in the process). Note that the defending unit will still take attack damage as normal.
  • Enabled VSync for “Good” and “Fantastic” quality settings, and set the target frame rate to 60. This should decrease the game’s performance hit on fast computers.
  • When tabbing out or unfocusing the game, VSync is disabled and the target frame rate is set to 20. This should make the game use significantly less resources when not in use.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a typo in the “Ranger’s Bane” name.
  • Fixed an issue with tile highlighting when casting spells.
  • Fixed a couple of typos in the tutorial.
  • Fixed a bug where most unit enchantments could not target structures.
  • Fixed a bug where Purification could not target both sides.
  • Fixed a bug where cards would show as selected even when deselected.
  • Fixed a bug where certain spells could be made to target disallowed areas.
  • Fixed regression in how sending challenges is handled – one no longer has to right-click the challenge box in order to send the challenge.
  • Fixed a bug when units would still not be able to move after Dryadic Power was removed from them.
  • Music is now properly muted when application is out of focus. Fades in/out on focus/unfocus.
  • Initial music and splash screen music now loops.
  • Many other minor bug fixes.

Known Issues

  • The poison enchantment tooltip displays incorrect texts.
  • Vitality well has an incorrect description.