Changelog Scrolls Alpha 0.71

Here is the changelog for today’s update.


Version 0.71


  • Scrolls have been redesigned! The new scrolls more prominently display their cost, have been updated to show card type and rarity, and look all that much cooler. Expect further UI changes along the way.
  • The deck builder has received a major overhaul! This includes new sorting options, a button to automatically layout scrolls on the table, and an easy-to-use scroll preview area. Additionally, scrolls can now be searched by name.
  • Game now more clearly displays whose turn it is (with a message at the start of each round).
  • When players leave, disconnect, or reconnect to a match, an appropriate message is shown in the in-game chat.
  • The arena is now tabbed, and remains active in the deck builder and store. All previously opened tabs are re-opened when a user returns to the arena after playing a match.
  • Players can now customize their avatars by clicking the Profile menu button.



  • Kabonk now lets the player draw 1 scroll in addition to dealing 1 damage to a unit.
  • Golem Skin’s effect is now permanent, and increases health as well as attack.
  • Bunny now attacks if its attack is greater than 0.
  • Updated art on Faith’s Blessing.
  • Updated art on Potion of Resistance.
  • Updated art on all three Automatons.



  • AI now has slight pauses between moves and scrolls played, to make it easier to understand what it’s doing.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where users who were in several chat rooms would randomly jump back and forth.
  • Reworded Vitality Well to match how the scroll actually works.