Changelog Scrolls Alpha 0.72

  • For this patch, we’ve made some major adjustments to the different resource types. This includes a significant number of moved Scrolls. The reasoning behind this is that we want to differentiate the resources more clearly, which could help a mono-resource deck feel unique, or provide incentive to play multi-resource decks. This also means balance will have shifted, but we’re actively looking to compensate resources that are currently lacking in power by adding new Scrolls. In other words: Balance will be slightly off in this version, and we’re looking to improve and fix this for the next version.
  • All decks have been reset in order to allow for moving scrolls. However, card libraries have not been reset (nor has gold), so with the exception of a few removed scrolls (Lifestealer, Mire Curse, Bitter Root, Infected Gravelock), players should be able to create decks similar to the ones they had before the patch.
  • The preconstructed decks have been modified according to moved Scrolls. Scrolls gained as part of a preconstructed deck are not sellable or tradable. This is a way for us to ensure players don’t get rid of their entire libraries, thus not having enough Scrolls to play and earn new Scrolls.


  • Player-to-player trading has been added! You can now trade Scrolls and gold with other players by clicking their name in the chat and choosing “Trade”.
  • Sellback of Scrolls has been added.
  • The store has been improved. It’s now easier to keep track of Scrolls you’ve bought in one go, and various visual effects have been added.
  • Units that are sacrificed or killed by death effects (Violent Dispersal) now properly trigger on-death effects (such as Heritage).
  • The deck builder now shows a preview of the unit when a unit Scroll is hovered.
  • The server structure has been changed to allow AI instances to run on separate servers. This should allow us to scale up the number of users with access to the game significantly.



  • Machine Priest can now move structures to a random unoccipied, adjacent tile instead of healing structures.
  • Faith Blessing now heals 4 instead of 3.
  • Junkyard now has one less HP, and gives +1 health to all Rat creatures you control.
  • Inferno Blast now has an area of four tiles. Cost has been decreased from 6 to 5.
  • Decimation now deals only 1 damage to creatures. Cost has been decreased from 5 to 3.
  • Unleash Inner Power is now an enchantment instead of a spell (this means it can be removed).
  • “Reserve” units have been renamed to “Ducal”, and “Standing” to “Royal” (in order to make it clearer they’re not necessarily better or worse, just different).
  • Ducal Infantryman now gives +1 attack on row instead of health.
  • Royal Infantryman now affects entire row instead of just units in front of him.
  • Ranger’s Bane now costs 2 instead of 3, but deals poison for 3 rounds instead of being permanent.
  • Ember Bonds has been moved from Growth to Energy.
  • Thunder Surge has been moved from Growth to Energy.
  • Frost Wind has been moved from Growth to Order.
  • Stag Heart has been renamed to Vengeance Veil and moved from Growth to Order. Art has been updated accordingly.
  • Speed has been moved from Energy to Order.
  • Crimson Bull has been moved from Energy to Growth, and its art has been updated accordingly.
  • Earthquake has been moved from Energy to Growth.
  • Lifestealer (Order) has been temporarily removed.
  • Mire Curse (Growth) has been temporarily removed.
  • Bitter Root (Growth) has been temporarily removed.
  • Infected Gravelock (Energy) has been temporarily removed.
  • Added Gravelock Outcast (Energy).
  • Dryadic Power can now only enchant creatures.
  • Honorable General’s ability has been reworked: He now sets adjacent units’ countdowns to 0 whenever his own countdown becomes 0.
  • Royal Vanguard now buffs allied units’ attack by 1 until end of turn when his countdown becomes 0.
  • Memorials now give their owner 1 Scroll when destroyed.


  • Added a bunch of flavor texts to current Scrolls.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where multiple songs would play at once.