Changelog Scrolls Alpha 0.75

Nothing too exotic this time around; just a few bug fixes, tutorial improvements and balance changes. This update will provide a better experience for players who’ve just joined the Scrolls Alpha.


Version 0.75


  • We’ve updated the tutorial
  • Logging in while logged in on another computer will no longer kick both connections
  • Login information is now also encrypted during transmission to game server
  • The first player to act now starts with one less Scroll in their starting hand
  • You can now sort scrolls by resource type in the Deck Builder
  • If a unit takes damage from two different sources at the same time, the numbers displaying the damage are now better positioned
  • You can now view other player’s profile pages



  • Ranger’s Bane can now only be cast on creatures
  • Golem Skin is now an enchantment
  • Inferno Blast is now back to an area of 7 tiles, but only deals 1 damage. It costs 3
  • Sinmarked Zealot’s Health has been lowered to 1
  • All Memorials now have 1 Health, cost 2 and do not award a scroll upon death
  • Mangy Wolf now has 3 Health instead of 4. When Mangy Wolf comes into play, it decreases the countdown of other wolves you control by 1



  • Reworked an avatar slightly
  • The Deck Builder now shows the names of decks you are about to delete
  • Deck Builder sorting buttons and overlay popups no longer conflict
  • Deck Builder validation warnings are now more clearly displayed
  • The background in battle mode is no longer shown before the UI


Bug Fixes

  • Various bug fixes in client-server communication
  • Fixed a bug related to the duration of the Frostbeard buff
  • The summoning sound has been removed from the Deck Builder screen
  • Fixed a bug where Illthorn Seed would sometimes not be triggered by units with Relentless