Monthly Archives: October 2012

A note about posting videos

Lots of Scrolls players have been asking whether they’re allowed to post footage of the Scrolls Alpha on the internet. So let’s clarify a few things: You are allowed to put footage of the Scrolls Alpha on YouTube or any … Continue reading

Scrolls T-shirts exist!

You’ve already read it in the headline! It’s true! An official Scrolls T-shirt exists. There’s only one design around at the moment, but it’s been worn by game development celebrities including Jakob Porser (when he’s trying to look sophisticated) and … Continue reading

10 tips for Scrolls newbies

  Are you a Scrolls newbie? Don’t worry. Everyone’s got to start somewhere. Here are 10 tips that you might find useful after you’ve completed the tutorial and played a few games against the AI. Once you’ve built up a decent amount … Continue reading

Changelog Scrolls Alpha 0.75

Nothing too exotic this time around; just a few bug fixes, tutorial improvements and balance changes. This update will provide a better experience for players who’ve just joined the Scrolls Alpha.   Version 0.75 Features We’ve updated the tutorial Logging in … Continue reading

Let’s play Scrolls together!

You already have a Scrolls alpha key? Really? You lucky person. They’re still quite rare you know.For this reason, the servers are a bit underpopulated. To spice things up we’re organising an evening for everyone to play together, a bit … Continue reading