Changelog Scrolls Alpha 0.77

Jakob’s hair is more fluffy than slick. The dev team are jabbering incoherently. Our artists are covered in virtual ink. It can only mean one thing…

It’s UPDATE TIME people! And it’s a hefty one.


  • The menu UI has been given a major facelift. We’ve reworked the whole damn thing!
  • The chat now covers the bottom of the screen when in the Arena. It’s automatically minimised in other screens but can be accessed manually.
  • Chat messages are now colour-coded and timestamped.
  • Invites to games and trades now show a small notification that can be answered when convenient.
  • The trade menu has been tweaked. Now you can see both player’s inventories and offers at all times. Scrolls can be clicked for more information.
  • The cost of your Scrolls are greyed out if you can’t afford to play them.
  • Your hand is greyed out when it’s not your turn.
  • Sound settings can be accessed from the lobby as well as in matches.
  • We’ve added new end-turn sound effects.


  • Eight new Energy Scrolls added!

Cost: 3 Energy
Opponent’s Structures takes 3 damage.

Cost: 2 Energy
Target creature gets +2 attack until end of turn for each opponent unit on the same row. It is then dealt 1 damage.

Blast Strike
Cost: 2 Energy
When enchanted creature attacks, deal 1 damage to all units adjacent to target.

Cost: 3 Energy
Enchanted unit disregards next damage taken. Plating is removed afterwards.

Cost: 2 Energy

When Overdrive comes into play, and at the beginning of its following turns, enchanted structure’s countdown is set to 0. At the end of these turns, it is dealt 2 damage.

Iron Whip
Cost: 1 Energy
Target unit takes 1 damage. Its Attack is increased by 1 until end of turn and Countdown decreased by 1.


Cost: 3 Energy
Whenever enchanted structure is destroyed in combat, its attacker takes 4 damage.

Cost: 2 Energy
Target unit’s Attack and Health switch values.

Other Scrolls tweaks

  • Memorials now have the type ‘Memorial’.
  • Fertile Soil now costs 4 (up from 3) and can only be cast on creatures.
  • Heritage now costs 3 (up from 1).
  • Burn now lets you draw a scroll if you kill a unit with the spell.
  • Spark now costs 2 (down from 3).
  • Mangy Wolf now costs 4 (up from 3). Flavour text added.
  • Obelisk now costs 2 (down from 3).
  • Ancestral Totem’s description has been adjusted.
  • Shrine’s  description has been adjusted.
  • Resonant Helm rules text changed from “increase” to “heal”.

Known issues

  • It’s not possible to login when Avast (anti-virus software) is running with the current version. Sorry Avast users! To get around this problem you can add Scrolls to Avast’s excluded processes list. Here’s how to do it: open the Avast interface, click Real-Time Shields, then click Web Shield. Open Expert Settings followed by Exclusions. Under Processes to Exclude, click Add, then find your Scrolls.exe. Select it and click OK.

That’s it for now! We hope you enjoy the tweaks. Oh, don’t forget that we’re still accepting your screenshot submissions, so keep them coming.