Monthly Archives: November 2012

Changelog Scrolls Alpha 0.77

Jakob’s hair is more fluffy than slick. The dev team are jabbering incoherently. Our artists are covered in virtual ink. It can only mean one thing… It’s UPDATE TIME people! And it’s a hefty one.Features The menu UI has been … Continue reading

We need your screenshots!

Scrolls has changed a lot since the first Alpha codes were sent out. For that reason, the screenshots in the Media section of are slightly dated. It’s a bit sad over there. With your help, we’re hoping to spice … Continue reading

We’re on Facebook! Hooray!

Rejoice honest Scrolls fan! We now have an official Facebook page. Declare your passion to long-lost friends and tech-savvy relatives! Spam their feeds! Comment on stuff! Click “Like” every time we post something! It’s located at Of course, it’s also … Continue reading