Changelog Scrolls Alpha 0.79

It's the artwork from the new Scroll. It's called Blind Rage. Cool eh?

Update ahoy! It’s a technical one, featuring a new ranking system, tweaked gold awards, and more advanced matchmaking. We’ve also snuck in a splash screen featuring Poi Poi‘s artwork, mountains, and paralax Scrollsing (sic).

Sorry about the Scrollsing joke. Let’s hit the log!



  • We’ve changed the way we rate your progress. Your existing ELO value is still used for matchmaking, but each player has a separate rating which is displayed in-game. The new rating starts at 0 and builds up to your ELO value as you play ranked games. We haven’t reset anyone’s existing ELO value. It sounds confusing, but you don’t need to worry about it – that’s Jakob’s job. =).
  • To compliment the ranking system, we’ve improved the way we search for opponents. Ranked and Quick matches will now try to match you with a similarly skilled opponent before expanding the search range over time.
  • Gold rewards have been revamped. The bonus pool has been eliminated, rewards have been tweaked, and you get extra gold for destroying idols.
  • We’ve added a new splash screen! Rejoice!



  • Blind Rage (Energy) has been added. Target creature deals damage equal to its countdown to adjacent units. Its countdown is then increased by 1. It costs 4 Energy..
  • God Hand (Growth) now gives +2 attack instead of +3.
  • Quake (Growth) now deals 3 damage to structures and 2 damage to creatures. Cost has been reduced to 6.
  • Eternal Statue’s (Growth) health has been reduced to 4.
  • Kinfolk Veteran’s (Growth) health has been reduced to 4.
  • Proximity charge now summons a copy of itself on a random adjacent tile when it comes into play. It now costs 4.
  • Inferno Blast (Energy) has been changed from rarity 1 to rarity 0 (common).



  • The popup system has been reworked. Popups now scale properly with resolution. We’ve also improved the way some of them work.


Bug Fixes

  • Fertile Soil now works as intended (it can only target creatures).


Known issues

  • It’s not possible to login when Avast (anti-virus software) is running with the current version. Sorry Avast users! To get around this problem you can add Scrolls to Avast’s excluded processes list. Here’s how to do it: open the Avast interface, click Real-Time Shields, then click Web Shield. Open Expert Settings followed by Exclusions. Under Processes to Exclude, click Add, then find your Scrolls.exe. Select it and click OK.


That’s it for now, people. Merry Christmas from the Scrolls gang!