Yearly Archives: 2012

Changelog Scrolls Alpha 0.79

Update ahoy! It’s a technical one, featuring a new ranking system, tweaked gold awards, and more advanced matchmaking. We’ve also snuck in a splash screen featuring Poi Poi‘s artwork, mountains, and paralax Scrollsing (sic). Sorry about the Scrollsing joke. Let’s … Continue reading

Thanks for the Screenshots!

Thanks to everyone who responded to our request for screenshots. We had a great response, and have updated the media section of the site accordingly. Congratulations Ryan Combes (Shasharala), Matthew Elmes (Melmes), Tyler (Tinfox), Louis LeBon, Ed Kearny (eddebaby), Victor … Continue reading

Changelog Scrolls Alpha 0.77

Jakob’s hair is more fluffy than slick. The dev team are jabbering incoherently. Our artists are covered in virtual ink. It can only mean one thing… It’s UPDATE TIME people! And it’s a hefty one.Features The menu UI has been … Continue reading

We need your screenshots!

Scrolls has changed a lot since the first Alpha codes were sent out. For that reason, the screenshots in the Media section of are slightly dated. It’s a bit sad over there. With your help, we’re hoping to spice … Continue reading

We’re on Facebook! Hooray!

Rejoice honest Scrolls fan! We now have an official Facebook page. Declare your passion to long-lost friends and tech-savvy relatives! Spam their feeds! Comment on stuff! Click “Like” every time we post something! It’s located at Of course, it’s also … Continue reading

A note about posting videos

Lots of Scrolls players have been asking whether they’re allowed to post footage of the Scrolls Alpha on the internet. So let’s clarify a few things: You are allowed to put footage of the Scrolls Alpha on YouTube or any … Continue reading

Scrolls T-shirts exist!

You’ve already read it in the headline! It’s true! An official Scrolls T-shirt exists. There’s only one design around at the moment, but it’s been worn by game development celebrities including Jakob Porser (when he’s trying to look sophisticated) and … Continue reading