Scrolls Changelog 0.82: it’s a big ’un!

Hello! It’s been a long time coming, but we’re proud to present… Scrolls 0.82!

It’s a massive update of fun, and the most significant patch since the Scrolls Alpha was released. It’s packed with gameplay tweaks, a new mode, a redesigned UI, new scrolls and more…

In an attempt to keep feedback somewhere we can easily locate and read, I’ve pinned a forum post at Once you’ve fiddled about with the new build, feel free to discuss/compliment/constructively criticise there.

Hot new features!

  • Minimum deck size has been increased to 50 Scrolls!
  • We’ve added the first iteration of our Challenge Mode. It’s part of our preparation for Scrolls’ single-player campaign and is still early in development, but it’s here for you to try out! Don’t forget to provide as much feedback as possible on that forum post I mentioned earlier.
  • The battle interface has been redesigned. It’s slicker than before and in-keeping with the new menus.
  • We’ve revamped the way you interact with your hand. Right clicking is old news. Now you left click a scroll whether you want to play it, or sacrifice for scrolls/resources. This change simplifies players’ actions, and works especially well for touchpads and one-button mice.
  • In-line with the above, you now click the magnifying glass icon to magnify a scroll. Makes sense really.
  • We’ve included new movement highlights, as suggested by mrvelvet on the forums. Massive props to that guy.
  • The post-match screen has been updated. There’s a new layout, your avatar is displayed in all its glory, and changes to your rank are made clear.
  • Female avatars are now present! Get your girlfriends /sisters/mums to play!
  • We’ve tweaked the avatar designer so it’s clear what’s going on.
  • Lobby chat has been improved! Chats are now colour coded, scrolling behavior has been improved, and personal notifications now flash in-game.
  • We’ve added audio notifications for chat messages, personal messages, match invites, found matches, and completed trades. You can toggle these on or off via the settings menu if you’re an anti-noise kind-of person.
  • The store has been revamped. You’ll find new purchase options, including a limited amount of face-up cards, booster packs, and random scrolls of specific resources. Shopping is now significantly more fun.

  • The Deck Builder has been improved with some advanced search options. Use t: word to search in type/subtype, and d: word to search through the descriptions. For example, t: spell d:countdown finds all spell scrolls that can modify countdowns. Simple(ish)!
  • Token units now have “Token” in their description to help you identify them.

New scrolls!

  • Vaettr of the Wild (Growth)

Stats: 1/2/1. Cost: 2.
When Vaettr of the Wild comes into play, increase growth by 1. When Vaettr of the Wild leaves play, decrease growth by 1.

  • Wildling (Growth).

Stats: 0/1/4. Cost: 4.
When a creature is summoned adjacent to Wildling, Wildling is dealt 1 damage and its attack is increased by 1.

  • Mangonel (Order).

Stats: 3/3/2. Cost: 3. Lobber.
When Mangonel comes into play, all Mangonels have their countdown set to that of the lowest countdown of any Mangonel you control.

  • Imperial Resources (Order).

Cost: 6.
Draw 2 scrolls. Your idols are healed by 1. All your units are healed by 1. Increase order by 1.

  • Divine Mark (Order).

Cost: 2.
When enchanted creature is destroyed, it is returned to owners hand. If it was killed by damage from another unit, that unit is returned to its owner’s hand.

  • Tool Initiate (Energy).

Stats: 2/2/3. Cost: 2.
When Tool Initiate’s countdown is 0, you may increase its countdown by 1 to increase target structure’s attack by 1.

  • Clock Library (Energy).

Stats: 0/4/5. Cost: 4. Structure.
When countdown is 0, sacrifice clock library to draw 3 scrolls.

  • Machination Mindset (Energy).

Cost: 4.
Enchanted creature is relentless.

  • Concentrate Fire (Energy).

Cost: 4.
Target unit with Ranged or Lobber will make an extra attack after its next attack.

  • Metal Heart (Energy).

Cost: 2.
Target creature gains attack equal to the number of structures you control until end of turn.

  • Bombard (Energy).

Cost: 3.
All units with Ranged or Lobber attack get their countdown set to 0.

Tweaks to existing scrolls

  • Frostbeard has been changed from rarity 1 to rarity 0.
  • Mangy Wolf has been changed from rarity 1 to rarity 0.
  • Essence Feast For each unit you control, heal your idol on the same row by 1. Beast creatures deal double damage to idols this turn.



  • Finer lines/detail on male avatar heads
  • Improved desert, castle battle background images
  • Improvements have been made to card list performance. The trade and sell views should run significantly smoother
  • Multiplied all gold rewards and store prices by ten
  • The resource icons for Growth, Order and Energy have been updated
  • New animation for visual feedback on spell casting


Bug Fixes

  • The task bar no longer flashes orange when tabbed out and using Windows
  • Changed have been made to how the framerate is limited.
  • The sound system has been rewritten, fixing a number of sound-related bugs.
  • Blessing of Haste now works on opponent units.


Don’t forget to give us feedback people! The team is looking forward to hearing your views. 😀

Owen – @bopogamel