Scrolls Changelog 0.84!


It’s update time!

We’ve just patched the Scrolls Alpha to 0.84. Mostly tweaks and optimisations in this patch, but friendly ones designed to maximise your fun level. We’ve also added three new scrolls to the existing library. Lovely.

As always, feedback is appreciated. I’ve created a dedicated thread on scrollsfans for that purpose.




  • The deck builder has received a major overhaul. It should now work significantly faster
  • The “Match” gold rewards have been increased. “Idols” and “Completion” rewards haven’t been tweaked. Easy wins now gives you 33% more gold, medium wins give you 42% more, and hard wins give 33% more
  • Loss rewards have also been increased, particularly for easy and medium matches. Multiplayer win rewards have been increased by approximately 13%, and multiplayer loss rewards have also been increased by a small amount
  • Multiplayer challenge games now give full rewards up to five times per day. We’ve limited the full rewards to five matches to prevent players exploiting the system
  • Singleplayer challenges have been renamed “Trials” to avoid confusions with multiplayer challenge matches
  • The store has been updated to include Shards: a secondary currency
  • Preconstructed decks have been updated to fix rarity distributions. We’d appreciate it if players could delete your existing precon decks (to get the new ones) and help us test the relative balance of the updated decks
  • We’ve introduced a new “Move” stat. The default values are Move 1 for creatures and Move 0 for structures. It indicates the number of moves that a unit can make per turn
  • The chat has a flood filter that temporarily mutes users who flood the chat


New scrolls

Beast Rat

  • Beast Rat (Growth). Creature. Stats: 1/2/1. Cost 1.

Roasted Bean Potion

  • Roasted Bean Potion (Order). Spell. Cost 2. Enchanted creature’s Move is increased by 1

Charge Coil

  • Charge Coil (Energy). Structure. Cost 3. When Charge Coil attacks, a random opponent unit is dealt 1 damage

  • Honorable General (Order) now has updated artwork
  • Scrolls that previously set countdown to 0 now decrease countdown by a certain amount instead. The values are as follows: Speed (Order ) 3, Honorable General (Order) 2, Rally (Growth) 1, God Hand (Growth) 2, Death Cap Berserk (Growth) 2, Overdrive (Energy) 2, Bombard (Energy) 2. This change does not affect Haste.
  • Dryadic Power (Growth), Binding Root (Growth) and Horn of Ages (Order) no longer make creatures unable to move. Instead they decrease the Move value by 1. Similarly, New Orders (Order) now increases move by 1
  • Brother of the Wolf’s (Growth) countdown is now increased by 2 when summoning a Ragged Wolf instead of 3


  • Completed Trials (previously singleplayer challenges) no longer give any rewards
  • The buttons for enabling/disabling challenges and trade invites now have mouseover tooltips
  • “Gold” texts have been replaced with an icon throughout the client
  • You can now see remaining time on “Just for you” offers by bringing up the detailed information of each item. This is currently refreshed when entering the store
  • Post-death spawn effects (e.g. Illthorn Seed) now trigger after the full attack has finished
  • We’ve improved the visual feedback when units are killed
  • d:string in deckbuilder now searches for “string” in abilities as well (e.g. d:relentless)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where players would not be able to send challenges after having accepted a challenge from someone else
  • Fixed a bug where the game would hang when ending turn too soon after sacrificing for resources
  • Damage (units) now works as intended.
  • Players now see the same background during battles

Known Issues

  • Users running Avast will need to disable it temporarily in order to login. We’re looking into why this happens

That’s it for now people! Have a lovely day!