Changelog 0.88

scrolls_precon_growth Time for another patch!

Just so you know, we’re planning on releasing another update tomorrow that will reset rankings, scroll libraries, custom decks, and trials. If you have any killer decks/scroll combos in your library, jot them down before it’s too late. The patch will also enable Shard purchases. We’ll accompany it with another post, so don’t worry too much for now.

Anyway, here’s the changelog for the update that just went live:


  • We’ve got a new starter deck selection screen
  • You can now click an on-screen button to open the battle menu
  • Hitting control now toggles unit stats


  • You can now click an item image in-store to display its details, just like clicking the question mark
  • Resource icons now glow when sacrificing
  • We’ve updated the Mac OSX launcher
  • We’ve got a new Scrolls icon

Bug fixes

  • We’ve fixed a bug where Divine Mark could give players four of the same unit
  • Fixed a bug where trading would sometimes fail
  • Fixed a bug where selling scrolls that didn’t belong to a deck would fail

Known Issues

  • Users running Avast will need to disable it temporarily in order to login. We’re (still) looking into why this happens

Thats it for today. Speak soon!


Owen – @bopogamel