Changelog 0.89 – a fresh start! Shards!


The great reset

The Scrolls cleansing cometh! We’ve reset all rankings, custom decks, scrolls libraries and Trial progress. Why did we do this? We’re at the final stages of testing before hitting open Beta, and we want to check early game balance. Any feedback regarding this would be appreciated. I’ve made a dedicated thread on Scrollsfans for this purpose.

  • We will reset once more before Scrolls goes into Open Beta.


Shards are now enabled

  • Shards are completely optional. We’re never going to force you to spend in order to progress
  • Every item can also be bought for in-game Gold
  • A limited selection of items can be purchased using Shards
  • You can now buy Shards – our secondary currency – with real-life cash
  • Shards and Gold only have an in-game value
  • You can’t cash out


What happens if you buy Shards before we hit Beta?

  • When Scrolls goes into Open Beta all progress will be reset, including any purchases made with Shards
  • Your account will be credited with any Shards you’ve previously purchased
  • As a good-will gift for buying-in early, all Alpha players will receive a 10 percent bonus of all Shards purchased before Open Beta
  • For example, if you buy 600 Shards today, your account will be credited with a bonus 60 Shards when the open Beta is released. Your purchases will be reset, leaving you with 660 Shards to spend on whatever you fancy

We hope this makes sense. Now onto some more standard tweaks…



  • Ducal Spearman (Order) now has an Attack of 1
  • Tool Initiate’s (Energy) art has been updated


  • The in-game help screen has been updated to use the new graphics (thanks bradexpos11!)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where structure countdowns would show as -1
  • Fixed a bug in the appearance of texts showing unit stats

Known Issues

  • Users running Avast will need to disable it in order to login. We’re still looking into why this happens.

Phew. That’s it for now. Enjoy!

Owen – @bopogamel