Scrolls Changelog 0.86. New logo alert!

Scrolls logo

Another update! The increased regularity of our tweaks can only mean one thing: Scrolls is getting closer and closer to Beta. That means that, soon, anyone who wants to buy Scrolls will be able to. More players, official rankings, all the good stuff. Brace for impact.

But let’s not get carried away just yet: update 0.85 is mostly concerned with server tweaks: we’ve made some major changes to how things work behind the scenes, along with the following changes to the client.



  • The splash screen now includes a news area, game statistics, and a developer Twitter feed. The stats are still a work in progress.


  • Beast Rat (Growth) is now the subtype Beast.
  • Rallying (Growth) now lowers countdown by 2.
  • Shrine (Order) rules text has been updated to better match its effect.


  • The Scrolls logo has been updated.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where movement tiles would show on your side when clicking on a unit on the opposite side
  • Fixed incorrect idol damage in post-game stats
  • Fixed a number of timing related bugs (including attacks being interrupted too early)
  • Fixed a bug where decks would sometimes not get properly repaired after selling or trading excess scrolls
  • Fixed a bug where certain tiles would remain highlighted after a unit has finished attacking
  • Fixed incorrect sorting of scrolls in trade and sell lists
  • Fixed a rare issue that could make a unit invisible.

Known Issues

  • Users running Avast will need to disable it temporarily to login. We’re looking into why this happens. Sorry!

Thats it for now people! Have a good day.

Owen – @bopogamel