Scrolls changelog .90


Scrolls is an ever-evolving beast. Here’s the latest changelog from the dev team. Enjoy!


  • Royal Vanguard’s (Order) effect now only applies to adjacent units, but gives +2 attack
  • Faith Blessing (Order) has been changed to something closer to its original effect
  • Faith Blessing deals 2 damage to target unit you control. Your idol on that row is healed by 4
  • Sinmarked Zealot’s (Order) attack is now magical, meaning it will bypass Plate Armor and Cannon Automaton’s armor
  • Faith Chains (Order) now costs 4
  • Imperial Resources (Order) now costs 7. This is an experimental change; we’d appreciate any feedback on this change. It might be tweaked at a later date
  • Ancestral Totem’s (Growth) attack buff now affects all units you control. Cost: 4. Stats: -/-/2. It’s now rare
  • Beast Rat (Growth) is now common.
  • Kinfolk Veteran (Growth) is now uncommon


  • The deck selected as your starting deck is now longer available for purchase in the store. This will not affect players retroactively (as we’re doing another wipe soon in any case)
  • The Growth preconstructed deck has been updated.
  • Clicking the Profile button while viewing somebody else’s profile will take you to your profile instead
  • The deck builder now warns you when attempting to save invalid decks.
  • Sellback prices for scrolls are down from 30/100/200 to 25/50/100.
  • Buying random scrolls from a given resource (e. g. “Random Growth scroll”) now costs 175

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with Overdrive and Death Cap Berserk countdown reduction. Fixed an issue that would occur if two New Orders were used in a row on a unit that couldn’t move

Known Issues

  • If you are running Avast, you will need to disable it temporarily in order to login to Scrolls. We’re looking into why this happens

That’s it for now!

Owen – @bopogamel