Scrolls changelog 0.94.2



Another changelog! Gentle tweaks this time around: new flavour texts, tweaked rules text, and more gold if your opponent surrenders. Read on for the details.



  • Lots of scrolls have updated flavour text.
  • Lots of scrolls have new flavour text.
  • Cannon Automaton (Energy) description changed to display keyword ‘Armor 1’
  • Proximity Charge (Energy) description changed to say ‘melee combat’ instead of only ‘combat’. We’ve clarified the summoning ability.
  • Catapult of Goo (Energy), Destroyer (Energy) and Mangonel (Order) have been updated to make the “Lobber” trait more consistent.
  • Hellspitter Mortar (Energy) now has the “Ranged” trait instead of the “Lobber” trait.
  • Pother’s (Order) rules text has been updated for clarity.
  • Golem Skin’s (Energy) rules text has been updated for clarity.



  • Multiplayer Quick Matches and Ranked Matches now give at least 60 idol gold when your opponent surrenders (equal to three destroyed idols).


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a selection of server bugs.


Known Issues

  • Users running Avast will need to disable it temporarily in order to play Scrolls. More details here.


That’s it for today. Happy battling!

Owen – @bopogamel