Scrolls changelog 0.95



We’ve just released Scrolls beta 0.95. Besides the Noaidi change as announced in the previous post, there’s a few new options for sorting and filtering in the deck building, slightly improved store interface, and a few bugfixes.



  • Deck builder: Improved filtering interface.
  • Deck builder: Added a new sort button.
  • Store: Added rarity information and cards left when buying scrolls and packs.



  • Modified: Noaidi (Growth). Creature, 2/2/2, cost 3. When Noaidi comes into play, you gain 1 resource of each non-Growth type your opponent has.



  • Clicking the “General” or “Trading” join room buttons now automatically joins General-X or Trading-X.


 Bug Fixes

  • Chat is no longer disabled after matches.
  • Notice messages should now work as intended.
  • Fixed a few bugs where newly bought scrolls would render incorrectly.
  • Fixed issues causing the game to become unresponsive when switching servers (entering or leaving a match).
  • Usernames and passwords can now contain unicode characters.
  • Unit stats now also show for new units after being toggled with the “Ctrl” key. The “Alt” key now shows stats while held down.


Known Issues

  • Users running Avast will need to disable it temporarily in order to play Scrolls. More details here.


See you in game!

Måns – @MansOlson