Upcoming balance changes

Derpy Noaidi


We’ve just uploaded a modified version of Noaidi to our newly set up test server. This felt like a good opportunity to discuss how we would like to handle game balance and scroll changes. If you’re interested, read on past the break.

During the alpha, we made continuous changes to both gameplay and individual scrolls, and we felt those changes were generally very well-received. Even though hard-earned gold is spent on each and every scroll, players seemed to appreciate changes that make the game more fun for everyone.

This is something we’ve taken to heart, and we will continue to make similar changes in the future. Naturally, our goal will always be to release balanced scrolls. However, there will be occasions when we have to make changes to existing scrolls. Such changes will be more common shortly after scrolls are released, and much more rare once they’ve been out for a while.

To mitigate similar issues in the future, new scrolls and features will generally be put through their paces on our test server before being released to the public. This gives us another opportunity to test features and content for bugs and balance issues before they become part of competitive play.

Test server scroll changes

  • Modified: Noaidi (Growth). Creature, 2/2/2, cost 3. When Noaidi comes into play, you can gain 1 resource of each non-Growth type your opponent has.


Please note that the changes to Noaidi are not yet final and will not show in the beta client until we move them from the test server. See you in game!

Måns – @MansOlson