Scrolls changelog 0.95.1

  Automata Forge


Scrolls beta 0.95.1 was just released. We’ve added three new Scrolls – one for each faction – and fixed a number of bugs. In the meantime, we’re hard at work to bring you a friends list and plenty of new content. We’re also working on a fun new feature that we’ll discuss in more detail soon.



  • New: Automata Forge (Energy). Structure, 0/3/5, cost 3. Instead of attacking, Automata Forge summons a Gun Automaton on an adjacent tile. Pay 3 Energy to decrease Countdown by 1. This ability can be used any number of times per turn.

Automata Forge

  • New: Stag Heart (Growth). Enchantment, cost 2. Enchanted unit gets +1 Attack and +1 Health for each Stag Heart in play.

Stag Heart

  • New: Faith Duty (Order). Enchantment, cost 2. Enchant unit you control. At the beginning of each of its turns, enchanted unit is dealt 1 damage and opponent units on that row get their Countdown increased by 1.

Faith Duty

  • Magma Pack (Energy) now adds Attack once, rather than multiplying continuously.


 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a number of rare server bugs.
  • Fixed missing stats on end game screen.


Known Issues

  • Users running Avast will need to disable it temporarily in order to play Scrolls. More details here.


See you in game!

Måns – @MansOlson