Scrolls changelog 0.97 – crafting is live!

Just for you crop


Chunk of changelog incoming…

Crafting is now live. For a more detailed explanation of how that works, check this post. Aside from that, we’re updating the “Just for You” section of the store more often, and introducing a smattering of bug fixes. Read on for the full changelog.


Bug fixes

  • Machination Mindset can now be put on relentless units
  • Automata Forge now produces units even if attack is non-zero
  • Charge Coil and Ether Pump now trigger Efficiency
  • Dust Runner now triggers Efficiency
  • Efficiency now generates resources for the caster, not the unit owner
  • Fixed bug where units could get visually stuck when libraries were reshuffled
  • Fixed bug where scrolls disappeared if players clicked on same unit twice with Transposition
  • Can now see last idol health in 5:4 aspect ratio
  • Store now works properly after buying an avatar or preconstructed deck
  • Scroll preview for rightmost scroll in deck builder now works as intended



  • Personal store items now refresh every three days instead of once per week.
  • AI improvements



  • Crafting is live
  • You can now see your stats on upgraded Scrolls
  • Players automatically join a shared chat room with chat history after exiting a match


Thanks for reading! Oh, one more thing. I’ll be posting an update on Scrolls development progress today tomorrow. EDIT: apologies for the delay regarding the next post, I’m currently waiting on some fun assets for you guys.

Owen – @bopogamel