A breakdown of creature animation


Yo guys!

I was just thinking I’d tell you how we create Scrolls animations…

As you can tell in the above picture, finished drawings are cut into pieces so we can easily animate the parts in Flash.



 The dots on the blue rows represent registered frames. It’s different from traditional frame by frame animation where you draw the entire key-pose by hand. In Flash, we move and transform items around to key-frame them separately.


Once the layers are imported into flash, I start adding key-frames for each item. When I’m happy with each key-pose of the animation, it’s time to work on the inbetweens. That’s where the personality and subtlety comes in! Of course, it’s better to do it as simply as possible, especially with sprite animation. You can’t go full blown 100-FPS-2D-animated-movie-crazy on such a tiny little thing. I’m more used to doing it in the traditional style, so for me the challenge was to cut the length while keeping the nuance.




Sister of the Owl

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