Look! Every Decay scroll in a big lovely list




In case you hadn’t noticed, Decay has just been released. In celebration of this monumental day, here’s a list of every Decay Scroll in existence.

Some people might consider this post spoiler-ridden. If you’re one of those people, don’t read any further. Otherwise, click and be merry!





69_Bitter Root168_Blightbearer183_Brain Lice



199_Cluster Hex200_Cursemonger180_Damning Curse



192_Draining Mist182_Energy Siphon175_Grisly Graft



172_Harvester202_Hex Marks163_Husk



196_Ilmire Hunter195_Ilmire Rot Eater166_Ilmire Witch Doctor



3_Infected Gravelock187_Infectious Blight181_Languid



59_Lifestealer162_Loyal Darkling165_Mangy Rat



185_Miasma Well102_Mire Curse164_Mire Shambler



188_Necrogeddon194_Oblivion Seeker201_Pestis



170_Pillar of Disease186_Pillar of Fatigue169_Puppet Soldier



191_Regeniture177_Restless Bones137_Return To Nature



197_Scavenger Construct184_Searing Shackles179_Shroud of Unlife



174_Soul Scrounger190_Soul Steal131_Tethered Recruit



173_Totem of Suffering159_Unbind161_Viscera Sage



239_Wicked Being