Play Scrolls on Monday! Earn DOUBLE GOLD!



In celebration of today’s update, we’re organising an event where we all login and play together like a big happy family. To make things extra-special, every match played during the event will earn DOUBLE GOLD. It’s happening on Monday, August 12th from 6pm CEST and will last 24 hours! Click here to see when that is in your timezone.

It’ll be a Scrolls-centric evening where you can talk with developers (for the first few hours of the event) and make some new friends. Then you can add them to a list!  A “friends list,” if you will.

Did I mention that every match played during the 24 HOUR duration will earn DOUBLE GOLD?

Spread the word to your fellow scrolldiers! The more the merrier.

Owen – @bopogamel