Scrolls Changelog 0.103.0 – super friendly edition!



Hi mate! How’s it going?

We love a nice update here at Mojang. For that reason, I’m delighted to announce that Scrolls 0.103.0 has just gone live. A bunch of new Scrolls, bug fixes, and a brand-spanking new friends list are included. Decay isn’t quite ready for final release… yet.

As always, feedback is appreciated. Blinky has made a handy post on Scrollsguide for that purpose.

Read on for the full changelog…



  • The long-awaited friends list has arrived! This includes finding online friends, whispers, and the ability to ignore users. Befriend and be merry.
  • Several chat commands have been added. Try typing /help for more information.



 204_Solemn Giant206_Wings Shield210_Metal Wonder


  • New: Solemn Giant (Energy). Creature, 8/6/4, cost 4. Solemn Giant does not count down. Pay 2 Energy to decrease Countdown by 2. This ability can be used any number of times per turn.
  • New: Wings Shield (Order). Creature, 2/2/3, cost 3. Wings Shield has Armor X, where X is the number of units behind it (combat damage dealt to Wings Shield is decreased by X).
  • New:Metal Wonder (Energy). Structure, 0/-/4, cost: 4. When your opponent plays a Spell or Enchantment, Metal Wonder deals 2 damage to a random idol under their control.


211_Crone 215_Rat King 218_Sister of the Bear


  • New:Crone (Growth). Creature, 0/3/2, cost 3. When Crone is destroyed in melee combat, the attacking unit is destroyed.
  • New:Rat King (Growth). Spell, cost 4. Summons a Beast Rat on target tile and two adjacent random tiles.
  • New: Sister of the Bear (Growth). Creature, 4/2/4, cost 4.


223_Storm Runner 230_Redeploy 237_Wings Soldier


  • New:Storm Runner (Energy). Creature, 2/2/3, cost 3. Lobber.
  • New: Redeploy (Order). Spell, cost 3. All your units on target row switch places with all your units on another target row.
  • New: Wings Soldier (Order). Creature, 3/2/2, cost 2.



  • Deck builder now displays scroll pile sizes larger than 9.
  • Card lists now have a filter text field. It works like the deck builder search.
  • Removed Herobrine.


Bug Fixes

  • The twitter feed is now functional again.
  • Chat scroll behaviour has been improved.
  • Fixing wording on a number of scrolls to match their effect.
  • Fixed bug concerning Wildling and spells that move units.(SC-173)
  • Fixed bug where Flip activated Mangy Wolf’s ability and reset Haste in trials. (SC-199)
  • Fixed bug where Transposition triggered Divine Mark. (SC-311)
  • Fixed game hangs when summoning units. (SC-8)

Have fun!

Owen – @bopogamel