Introducing Judgement…




We have something exciting to announce. It’s called  Judgement, and will be coming to a client near you soon. Read on for the info.





What is Judgement?

Judgement is a game mode that tests your might on the battlefield as well as your deck-building skills. You don’t use your collection of scrolls in Judgement matches. Instead, you create a bespoke deck from a random selection and use it for five competitive matches. Then you get rewarded depending on you performance.




How does it work?

You select from groups of four scrolls until you have a total of 45, before building a deck using at least 30 of those. Judgement decks are valid for five matches.




Why should I care about this newfangled, game-type?

Judgement mode is a great leveller. Everyone creates a deck from a selection of Scrolls, so it doesn’t matter how pimped your deck is. It’s also a great way to test out scrolls that you might not have encountered yet, and learn some new snazzy combos.

We’ll have more information on the rewards, as well as how much it’ll cost to play soon. Just like everything else in Scrolls, you’ll be able to play for gold or shards when Judgement finally gets released.

Owen – @bopogamel