What’s next for Scrolls?

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We’ve got lots of features planned, so I thought it would be nice to share some details. Before we get started, please bear in mind that the land of games development is a treacherous place of unpredictability and game-breaking bugs, and not even the mighty force of Mojang can combat that.

Still, let’s have a go, eh?

Sometime in October, we’re releasing a hefty update that includes Judgement mode, spectating tools, over 40 new Scrolls, and some new customisation options. It’s going to be a big ‘un.




We’ve already talked about Judgment in some detail. It’s currently being updated, tweaked and tested. In fact, Mans is working on it as I type. He looks very involved. More news soon.

Here are a few teasers coming with the next major update. The rules, cost, flavour text and art could all change before release, so don’t get them tattooed to your face just yet.


255_Eager Scryer244_Ilmire Tribesman249_Ire And Bile

 253_Watcher251_Uneasy Alliance236_Corrode

 133_Darkstrike235_Machinated241_Siege Cracker


 221_Owl214_Fierce Tactics233_Royal Banner

  178_Tempo Theft238_Vigor Extraction254_Wings Captain


Then there’s spectator mode, which should add a new element to tournament play and help players learn the intricacies of good strategy. The plan is to let you watch your friends’ matches, as well as some of the highest ranked scrolldiers on the server.

You’ll be able to disable spectators if you’re shy, and broadcast matches will probably come with a short delay to prevent foul play.

That’s all for now people. Thanks for reading!


Owen – @bopogamel