Next week’s pre-constructed decks analysed


We’re releasing two pre-con decks with next week’s Judgement update.┬áBoth will be on-sale in the store for 8000 gold or 650 shards. They’re multi-resource, and will include many of our new scrolls.

Here’s some info from Mans, along with some insight into the scrolls included.




The Tiny Feet deck

Sysp and other community members popularised the G.O. Joes deck almost a year ago. The idea was to have lots of scrolls costing a maximum of two resources. It was packed with cheap enchantments and attack buffs.

Since then, a lot of low-cost scrolls have been added, and a few of them arrive in next week’s patch. We thought it would be nice to revisit the idea.


257_Untainted232_Aging Knight234_Fleetness


Key cards

Untainted is likely to become a staple in enchantment-heavy decks. It keeps your units safe from removal spells, but doesn’t stop you from buffing them. It’s got great synergy with scrolls like Stag Heart, which appears three times in the deck.

Aging Knight is an aggressive Order creature. It comes into play as a Kinfolk Brave at half the cost, but slows down over time as it’s base its base countdown increases. We think it’s another great fit for the deck.

Fleetness is an enchantment that permanently lowers the base countdown of a unit. Putting it on a creature with a countdown of two means it’ll attack every turn. This is especially dangerous when combined with Breaker, another new scroll in the deck.




The Machine Doom deck

Machine Doom is a structure and removal-heavy deck. The idea is to keep your opponent’s board clear while slowly grinding down his idols with regular creatures.

It’ll be a good fit for players who want to play a controlled, paced game, and is also a great way to get some powerful Decay and Energy scrolls into your collection.


258_Machine Divinator249_Ire And Bile226_Machine Chant


Key cards

Machine Divinator boosts your structures Health, and counts down a random structure each round. This synergises well with Ether Pump – one of the key scrolls in the Machine Doom deck. Together they can wreak havoc on the battlefield.

At first glance, Ire and Bile’s effect seems very similar to Growth’s Crimson Bull. However, the lingering curse creates some interesting interactions, such as increasing the damage dealt by Ether Pump and Charge Coil.

Machine Chant is a removal spell that works especially well in a structure deck. The more structures you have, the more damage it deals. Whether it kills a unit or not, it increases your Energy, putting you ahead in resource count.


That’s it for now! Thanks for reading everyone. We’ll have more on next week’s update soon.


Owen – @bopogamel