Changelog 0.117.0 – The Rebellion update



Rebellion is here! This is one of the biggest Scrolls update so far, introducing Champions, new traits, a bunch of scrolls, and more. For a breakdown of the additions, please check my previous post. If you’re more of a bullet-pointy type-of Scrolldier, read on for the complete changelog.




  • The active player is now more clearly highlighted
  • UI now shows what you and your opponent has recently sacrificed for.
  • The “”Ctrl”” stats display now remembers state between matches.
  • Added a hint box to the login screen.
  • Testing Grounds have been updated. Idols have 10 Health, timer is at 75 seconds, and a mulligan option has been added.



  • Added 56 new scrolls from the Rebellion set.
  • Temporary effects from spells and units are now marked as Effects rather than Enchantments.
  • Focus and many similar scrolls no longer last longer than one turn.
  • Brother of the Wolf and many similar scrolls now increase their Countdown by the base value instead of a fixed number.
  • Leeching Ring (Growth) now uses base Countdown for healing instead of the value printed on the scroll.
  • Crimson Bull (Growth) now costs 3, up from 2.
  • Kinfolk Veteran (Growth) now has 3 Health, down from 4.
  • Necrogeddon (Decay) now costs 7, up from 6.a
  • Erode (Growth) now works on opponent structures as well as yours.


culling_the_flock copy



  • Added Explorer’s Pack, which costs 1200 and is guaranteed to give you at least 4 Rebellion scrolls.
  • Added 4 new hard preconstructed decks. Thanks to Blinky for assisting us in building these.
  • Made packs and singles have a chance of giving you an upgraded scroll.


Deck builder / Trade

  • Added an “”Add scrolls”” button to add one of each selected scroll to the table.
  • Library sorting (name/cost) is now remembered between sessions.
  • Card lists (trade, buy/sell) now support the count filter (#:).
  • Added new search filters: ap:, cd:, hp:, c: and fl: for Attack, Countdown, Health, Cost and Flavor, respectively.
  • Made filtering using full words possible (type:, rarity:, desc:, tier:, set:, cost:, attack:, countdown:, health: and flavor:).
  • Hitting Ctrl+Enter in the filter box adds one of each filtered scroll to the table. Similarly, Ctrl+Delete removes one of each filtered scroll.
  • Clicking a unit in the deck builder now previews their attack animation.
  • The deck builder now shows number of types (library) and scrolls (table) when a filter is used.



  • Judgement no longer shows the same scroll twice in a row.
  • Judgement now uses fixed Rarity rows. The rows are cycled as follows: R, C, U, C, C, U, C.
  • Judgement decks are now destroyed after 5 wins or 2 losses.
  • Judgement rewards have been adjusted to compensate for the tweaks, and the entry fee has been lowered to 800 gold / 120 shards.


verdant veil copy



  • The auto-join cap for “”General”” chat rooms has been raised from 30 to 50.
  • Moderators can now temporarily ban users from chat rooms (up to one week).
  • Moderators can now mute users for up to one hour.
  • Custom chat rooms are now auto-rejoined in new sessions.



  • Profile page shows percentage of unique scrolls owned.
  • The config file format has been updated. Some settings may unfortunately be lost as a result of this. Sorry for any inconvenience!
  • Added 13 new trials (7 Hard, 4 Medium and 2 Easy).
  • Tier 3 scrolls now slightly increase match rewards. Drawing a T3 scroll increases a multiplier (2.5%, 5%, 10% for C/U/R), capped at 50%. After a game, match rewards are increased by this amount (excluding fixed rewards like idol or completion bonuses).
  • Added seven new battle backgrounds.
  • Added a setting to disable visuals for upgraded scrolls.
  • Crafting now shows the scrolls from your starter deck in locked piles.
  • Stats are now cleared when trading away an upgraded scroll.


soldiers_bond copy


Bug Fixes

  • Accept trades / Accept challenge buttons are now enabled per default for new users.
  • The “”Alt”” stats display now behaves correctly.
  • Long names should no longer be cut off in battle mode.
  • Concentrate Fire now works with Piercing. Note that the extra attack is of the same type as the unit’s attack when Concentrate Fire was cast, so a Piercing Projectile cast later won’t affect the second attack.
  • Binding Root (and similar effects) now stop Mire Shambler from moving before attacking.
  • White flashing under units that are about to attack now works properly in spectate mode.”


Known issues

  • If you have problems updating Scrolls after this update, we’re very sorry! We’ve prepared this post┬áto help you get it fixed.


Have fun!


Owen – @bopogamel