What’s next for Scrolls?



It’s been a while since the last update on Scrolls development, so here’s a handy post on that very subject. Read and learn, honourable Scrolldier.




A new ranking system

We’re working on a new system that will express ranks in a more palatable format. Check above some some visual spoilers from Henrik.

Also, Jeb (yes – the friendly Minecraft guy, who just happens to be one of the most ardent Scrolls players in the office) has been helping develop ways to reward both hyper-competitive and lower ranked scrolldiers for their dedication. The plan is to integrate some kind of weekly reward system.


tutorial crop


A new tutorial

We’re aware that Scrolls can be intimidating for beginners. To combat this, we’re replacing our existing tutorial with two snappier ones that’ll teach basic mechanics within a few minutes play.




Audio and visual tweaks

Mattis returned from his Japanese vacation inspired and livelier than ever: “I want to juice up Scrolls, yo!” But what does this actually mean? It means that Mattis is looking into ways to make the core gameplay of Scrolls more rewarding. Powerful attacks should have more oomph, and enchantments should be more visually striking.

Similarly, Aron has been working on improving Scrolls’ sound systems. This means we can add new audio effects to units, spells and enchantments.


The demo version

The team are also working on a demo version of Scrolls. It won’t affect how existing Scrolldiers play, but will provide a slice of Scrolls gameplay for the curious. It’ll also make things a lot simpler for… you guessed it…


The tablet version

A tablet version of Scrolls is in the works! We’re currently developing for iOS and Android. We’ve enlisted the aid of Ludosity to port Scrolls into flatter, more touchy devices. We’ll have more news on this soon.




Other stuff

Of course, we’re also creating new scrolls, working on balance, quashing bugs, fiddling with settings and struggling to retain sanity…

That’s it for now, honourable scrolldiers. Thanks for reading!

Owen – @bopogamel