Scrolls Changelog 0.121 – Wild, medals, and more!



Hello Scrolldiers,

We’ve just released path 0.121. It includes an updated ranking system, the winning scrolls from our latest Scrollsguide design competition, the “Wild” resource, and much more!

Read on for the full changelog.


  • We’ve reworked the ranking system. Players can now earn one of twelve different rank medals. The game no longer shows others your exact rating or ranking, though the top 100 list still remains.
  • We’ve removed the old tutorial and added the first of two new ones. The second is coming later on.
  • We’ve updated the post-match screen. Players can now rate matches and see player medals in Ranked Mode. The layout has been improved too.
  • The AI is a touch more sentient. Prepare to get talked down!



  • Added the four competition winner scrolls: Skythorn by Nicon, Oculus Cannon by HutchHogan, Void Gate by teedle and Eternal Sword by Guywithscrolls (some of the scrolls have been renamed and tweaked since they were first submitted).

Void Gate Skythorn

Oculus Cannon Eternal Sword


  • Desert Memorial (Order): 0/-/4, cost 3. When Desert Memorial is destroyed, increase Energy by 1
  • Woodland Memorial (Order): 0/-/1, cost 2. When you play a Spell or Enchantment, Woodland Memorial is destroyed. Increase Growth by 1.
  • Law Memorial (Energy): 0/2/4, cost 2. When Law Memorial’s Countdown becomes 0, it’s destroyed and Order is increased by 1.
  • Tribal Memorial (Energy): 0/-/3, cost 1. Pay 2 Energy to destroy Tribal Memorial and increase Growth by 1.
  • Stone Pact Memorial (Growth): 0/-/2, cost 3. When Stone Pact Memorial comes into play, increase Order by 1.
  • Sand Pact Memorial (Growth): 0/-/1, cost 3. When Sand Pact Memorial comes into play, increase your current Energy by 5.
  • Sister of the Owl (Growth): Now costs 5, summons only one Owl.
  • Owl (Growth): Is now 1/1/1 with Flying (move anywhere on board). When Owl moves, increase Countdown by 1.
  • Arhart’s Disciple (Decay): Now deals idol damage when damaging another unit, instead of when destroying one.
  • Cannon Automaton (Energy): Updated graphics.
  • Scrolls that prevent targeting by Spells/Enchantments/Abilities have been unified. They now all use the new “Ward” trait, which applies to opponent Spells and Enchantments.

 budding retreat



  • Wild is now enabled across all game modes.
  • Added resource scroll filter (f:, faction:, res: or resource:). Multiple resources are separated by commas (for example f:g,o).
  • We’ve added new animations for attacks, as well as improved screenshake behaviour.
  • You can now begin watching a match before the five-minute waiting period is over. This will take you to an empty battle screen.
  • We’re experimenting with hand limits; you can currently sacrifice for scrolls only if you have 7 or less scrolls in hand.
  • The in-game chat has been moved up, so that it doesn’t obscure the End Turn button.
  • Added “Tips & tricks” button next to “Watch live games”.
  • The AI has been improved.
  • Surrendering no longer forces you to wait for your turn.
  • Added and removed Herobrine.


Known issues

  • If you have problems updating Scrolls after this update, we’re very sorry! We’ve prepared this post to help you get it fixed.


That’s it for now. Have a good day!

Måns and Owen – @MansOlson and @bopogamel