Waypoints is live! Venture forth, Scrolldiers!




As recently detailed, our Waypoints update is now live! 56 new Scrolls, a ladder reset, the super-convenient Black Market, increased gold gain, a tweaked Judgement mode, balance changes, the return of Quick Match, and more! It’s a whopper!

For a more detailed breakdown of the new patch, check our previous post or see the changelog after the break.

Have an awesome time, honourable Scrolldiers!

Changelog 0.131.0



  • We’ve added our brand-new set, Waypoints! This includes 56 all-new scrolls and many new rules and mechanics.
  • Added Lingering spells. These are spells that stay next to the board and have an effect over several turns.
  • Added Sifting scrolls. These use a new system for looking at a number of scrolls and picking some of them.
  • Explorer’s packs have been updated to Waypoints (no longer has increased chance to give Rebellion scrolls).


Black Market

  • Added the Black Market. This is a player-driven marketplace for Scrolls that’s accessible from within the Store. The Black Market lets you buy and sell scrolls even when the seller is offline.


New Trials

  • Added 10 new trials. In some of these trials, you will be using a fixed deck instead of choosing your own.



  • The arena has been given a new look, and single player quick match has been renamed to Skirmish. This overhaul is still work in progress.
  • Added help texts for game modes in the Arena.



  • Reverted back to using entirely randomized rarities instead of having fixed rarity rows.
  • Increased gold rewards to 2500/1500/1000/500/250/100 (was 1600/1000/800/400/200/100).



  • You can now click certain scrolls to bring up more detailed rules. One or more highlighted words in the scroll rules indicates when this is possible.
  • Added a profanity filter to the chat. This uses black listed words compiled from several sources. If you find any words that should not be in the black list, please report them to a moderator.
  • Testing Grounds have been removed and replaced by Quick Match. As the test server is now open for everyone on Mondays, we’ll run future tests there instead.
  • Added new guide popups that are shown the first time you view the Arena, Deck Builder, Crafting, Store or Profile pages. These can be brought up again by clicking the page’s name while on it.



  • Gold gain in regular matches has been increased by 25%.
  • You can now sacrifice for Wild up to double your lowest resource (in other words, having 2G and 2O lets you get 4W). Thanks to Newbore for the suggestion!
  • Abilities can now be used any number of times per turn (unless rules specify otherwise).
  • Attack and Health values on units are now tinted when their value has been increased above or below the unit’s default value.
  • Curse and Poison are now effects instead of enchantments. Purification, Unbind and Wings Sorceress can now remove effects as well as enchantments.
  • When an ability is used, an effect is shown on the user and target of the ability.
  • Enchanted units now have a slight additional glow.
  • Relentless units now deal minimum required damage to destroy Cursed units.



  • New trait: Idol strike X: Deals X extra damage to idols.
  • New trait: Regeneration X: Heals X at the beginning of each of your turns.
  • Poison: Now lasts until purified or unit dies.
  • Flying: Now lets a unit move anywhere, but have its Countdown increased by 1 if moving to a non-adjacent tile.


Existing Scrolls

  • Rat King (Growth): Now summons rats within an Inferno Blast-like area instead of on target tile and its neighbors.
  • Ancestral Pact (Growth): Cost 4 (was 3), now has Linger 3.
  • Sister of the Owl (Growth): Cost 6 (was 5), 3 Attack (was 2), 5 Health (was 4). No longer increases Health when Owls die.
  • Berserker (Growth): Regeneration 1.
  • Bountiful Times (Growth): Now decreases countdown by 2 (was 1), only affects other bunnies.
  • Death Cap Berserk (Growth): Damage reduced to 1 (was 2).
  • Earthbond (Growth): Redesigned. Cost 2. Gives 2 Health, Magic armor 1.
  • Elan Vital (Growth): Regeneration 1.
  • Kinfolk Jarl (Growth): 4 Attack (was 3).
  • Leeching Ring (Growth): Always heals for 2, no longer has Magic armor.
  • Eternal Statue (Growth): Regeneration 1.
  • Mangy Wolf (Growth): Cost 3 (was 4), no longer heals on attacking.
  • Noaidi (Growth): Redesigned. Now has Replenish. Thanks Blinky!
  • Hymn (Growth): Now fully heals target unit (was 3).
  • Owl (Growth): Cost 2. Uses new Flying trait.
  • Skythorn (Growth): Countdown 4 (was 6).
  • Jarl Urhald (Growth): Cost 8 (was 9).
  • Oak Blood (Growth): No longer has Magic armor (was 1).
  • Miasma Well (Decay): Redesigned. Has Countdown 1, and deals 1 poison damage to poisoned units when Countdown becomes 0.
  • Mire Shambler (Decay): Fixed bug where its move would not trigger after walking.
  • Monstrosity (Decay): Redesigned. Cost 3. 3/2/3. +1 Attack for each adjacent Monstrosity, -1 Attack for other adjacent creatures.
  • Monstrous Brood (Decay): Can no longer target structures or opponent units.
  • Blightbearer (Decay): Cost 4 (was 3).
  • Blade Husk (Decay): 5 Attack (was 4).
  • Illmire Hunter (Decay): 4 Health (was 5).
  • Shroud of Unlife (Decay): Enchanted unit now counts as Undead.
  • Life Stealer (Decay): Now heals by 2 when it damages another unit.
  • Malevolent Gaze (Decay): Now reduces Move by 2 until end of turn, gives Curse 2, no longer has dominion.
  • Pest Dissimulator (Decay): Cost 5 (was 4).
  • Hex Marks (Decay): Idol strike 3.
  • Stitcher (Decay): 4 Health (was 3).
  • Unbind (Decay): Redesigned. Cost 2: Now removes all enchantments from target unit, and increases its Countdown by 1.
  • Uneasy Alliance (Decay): Attack is now always increased by 2 (was variable). When the unit is destroyed, all other creatures with Uneasy Alliance are destroyed.
  • Wicked Being (Decay): No longer Curses attacker. Has Unstable 2.
  • Nuru, Flesh-Seamstress (Decay): 7 Health (was 6).
  • Cursed Presence (Decay): Is now a spell, gives Curse 4 on target unit.
  • Void Gate (Decay): New animation.
  • Corrode (Energy): Now gives double damage to both players’ units, draw scroll if idol is destroyed on either side.
  • Echomaton (Energy): Now triggers on 3 or more attack (instead of 2 or more).
  • Fulmination Conduit (Energy): Countdown 2 (was 1).
  • Iron Ogre (Energy): 8 Attack (was 7).
  • Machine Priest (Energy): Redesigned. Cost 3: Structures and Automatons have their Attack increased by 1.
  • Overdrive (Energy): Damage reduced to 1 (was 2).
  • Power Trip (Energy): Now draws a scroll if current Energy is 11 or more after using it.
  • Siege Cracker (Energy): Idol strike 5.
  • Roasted Bean Potion (Order): Is now a spell. Move increase lasts until end of turn.
  • Wings Warder (Order): No longer relies on Countdown 1 or less to work.
  • Cay, Royal Envoy (Order): 7 Health (was 6).
  • Righteous Partisan (Order): Redesigned. Cost 3: 3/2/3. When Righteous Partisan comes into play, if you no more units than your opponent, draw 1 scroll.
  • Gallant Defender (Order): Now has armor while the number of units is equal or less than your opponent’s.
  • Knight Scholar (Order): 4 Health (was 5).
  • Ruse (Order): Reworked: Cost 2. Linger 4. Your creatures have Spiky 1.
  • Sinmarked Zealot (Order): 2 Health (was 1).
  • Eternal Sword (Order): No longer gives Health (was 1). Now transfers properly even when unit is destroyed by death effects.



  • Scroll art has been updated for improved readability.
  • Added ingame descriptions for the following concepts: Base Countdown, Lingering spells, Move, melee combat, poison, current resources, healing, effects, Dominion, Pillage, Curse, Armor, Magic armor, Relentless, Piercing, Ward, Sift, curse triggering and pseudo-random countdown selection.
  • Added short ingame descriptions for summoned creatures: Illthorn, Husk, Nog, Mangy Rat, Beast Rat, Gun Automaton, Bunny, Monstrosity, Ragged Wolf, Owl, Mire Shambler and Revenant.
  • Hitting Ctrl+S in the deck builder now brings up the save dialog.
  • Abilities can now be used any number of times per turn unless rules say otherwise.
  • Adjusted wordings on a great number of scrolls for consistency and clarity. Attack/Health boosts, Countdown reduction, resource increase, damage dealing, while in play’ modifiers and the use of gain/get have all been standardized.
  • Non-video settings are now saved per profile instead of per computer.
  • Added a sign out button to the splash page.
  • Added a code of conduct button to the splash page.
  • Added a ‘Forgot your password’ button that shows up if you enter an incorrect password.
  • Enchantment tabs on scrolls are now more tightly squeezed together if you have too many.
  • Trial bosses now have a Boss enchantment tab.
  • The game client now has a new icon to separate it from the launcher.
  • Hitting the left and right arrows in the deck builder now scrolls the library correspondingly.
  • The deck builder now properly remembers the deck’s name even when it’s just been saved for the first time
  • Hitting the up arrow in the chat now puts your most recent message in the text field
  • Running the game with the old launcher now fully supports remembering login (using tokens – your password is never stored).
  • Can now choose to use a fixed battlemode background.


Bug Fixes

  • If one player fails to enter a match, neither player is given a victory or loss.
  • Fixed a bug where hovering traits on scrolls would sometimes behave incorrectly.
  • Now properly showing the highlight around library/graveyard when sacrificing for scrolls.
  • Attack glow is no longer always turned off when an ability is used (for example if a Gravelock Outcast has 0 CD).
  • Fixed bug where Judgement rewards scroll picking animation would be in the wrong place.
  • Now properly giving owner history to upgraded scrolls when buying Explorer’s packs and face up cards.
  • Starter deck achievements now properly show how many more matches you need to win to unlock the decks.


See you on the battlefield!

The Scrolls team