Changelog 0.133 – Curse change, tweaks



It’s patch time! We’re going live with a series of smaller patches that we’ve recently released on the test server. Most changes are quality of life updates and bug fixes, but there is one important gameplay change:

Curse now only increases combat damage and poison damage.

We got plenty of feedback on this, both positive and negative. This made us think twice about pushing these changes to the live server. We’ve now decided to go live with this change for further testing, so I thought we’d take the opportunity to explain our reasoning.

With the Wild system, our goal has been to support multi-resource decks and increase deck diversity. However, we also want those decks to be fun to play against. We feel the decks that ignore the board are in some ways unfun; though they can be fun to play and sometimes interesting to face, they don’t allow for the sort of positional gameplay that’s such a fundamental aspect of what Scrolls is. By changing Curse to only trigger on combat damage and poison damage, Decay is largely unaffected, but Curse no longer helps board wipes. That’s not saying we dislike control decks, or that lategame decks can’t exist; we simply don’t want board wipes to be too easy to pull off.




We’ve also received a fair amount of feedback on our damage types. We’re intending to take a look at making them easier to understand in the future. For the sake of discussion, I’ve detailed some ideas on the dev blog.

Below is the changelog for 0.133.0:

Post-Waypoints: Tweaks 1

October 10, 2014 – Changelog 0.133.0 (client 133)

Black Market

  • Now shows how many scrolls you own in the buy view
  • The buy list can now be sorted by name, cost or price (still grouped by faction)
  • When selling scrolls, the popup now shows your share of the proceeds (price minus the fence’s cut)
  • The ‘#:” filter now works in the buy view, filtering based on how many you own
  • Now lets you view scroll stats for scrolls you’re selling, and owner history for scrolls you’re buying
  • Added ‘gold’ or ‘g:’ filter to the buy view. Example: g:200- r:rare.
  • Other minor UI tweaks.


  • Curse now only increases combat damage and poison damage. Thanks TheTomatoTaco for the suggestion!


  • Made the following Scrolls deal pure (unreduced) damage: Wildling, Animovore, Earthborn Mystic, Faith Duty, Vengeful Vaettr, Anima Conduit. Added corresponding explanation text.
  • Death Cap Berserk (Growth): Fixed damage not being dealt at the right times.
  • Overdrive (Energy): Fixed damage not being dealt at the right times.
  • Pushback (Order): Now works on your own units as well.


  • Traits are now included on the rules explanation page of relevant Scrolls.
  • Units stats are now shown per default when first playing the game (as if Ctrl was pressed).
  • Clicking on an achievement notification now takes you to the achievement list on your profile page.
  • New decks (starters and store decks) are now nicely laid out on the table.
  • Tweets on the splash page can now be clicked to bring them up in a browser.
  • When clicking an achievement notification, the profile page now scrolls to that achievement in the list.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where saved credit cards did not work using the new launcher.
  • Fixed login issues when using both new and old launchers on the same machine.
  • Game no longer shows up as completely black the first time it’s started using a new install.
  • Fixed an issue with clicking notifications in spectate mode.
  • Fixed chat message and chat highlight sound settings not being loaded correctly.
  • Tutorials now properly give gold rewards, and get marked as done after having been completed.
  • Fixed bug where double clicking ‘claim gold’ in the black market caused a disconnect.
  • Fixed ‘cannibalistic spearmen’, where units in your hand would sometimes disappear.
  • Fixed crafted cards not showing up as upgraded and title text not fading correctly.
  • Fixed bug where mulligan buttons would sometimes not appear.
  • Fixed a small visual glitch where you could sometimes see through scrolls just above the card art.


That’s it for today. See you on the battlefield!

Måns – @MansOlson