Changelog 0.135 – Daily Trials, Tutorials, Tweaks



The latest patch has just hit the live servers.  Daily trials, changes to the damage types, Wild adjustments, tutorials, and more!  Read on to see the full list of changes.

Upcoming changes

  • This patch includes changes to damage types and Wild. We’re rolling this out in preparation for the approaching release. This patch does not include a significant amount of balance changes, but we’re hoping to make a balance patch to compensate soon.

Daily Trials

  • Added daily trials (easy/medium/hard).

Damage Types

  • We’ve put damage into four distinct damage types: Physical, Magic, Poison and Pure.
  • Units deal physical damage in combat. All other damage is explicitly specified.
  • Physical damage is reduced by Armor and increased by Curse.
  • Magic damage is reduced by Magic resistance.
  • Poison ignores Armor and Magic resistance, and is increased by Curse.
  • Pure damage cannot be reduced by anything (though it can be disregarded with Plating).


  • In preparation for the release, Wild is once more capped at 1x your lowest resource. We fill this is our safest way to guarantee fun decks for the time being.

New AI decks

  • The Hard AI brings new decks to the battlefield! Thanks to Blinky for helping out.


  • We’ve added a number of new tutorials for explaining various concepts within the game. Thanks to our wonderful community for the contributions!


  • Added achievements for buying and selling scrolls on the Black Market.
  • Added an achievement for completing 50 trials.
  • Achievements are now properly updated when cards are received from the Black Market.


  • Changed to deal physical damage: Rigged, Hired Marksman, Proximity Charge, Irva.
  • Previously dealt combat damage (now physical): Electrify, Gravelock Guard, Supercharged, Charge Coil, Ether Pump.
  • Gallant Defender (Order): Is no longer a Soldier.
  • Pushback (Order): Fixed bug where using it on your own units would give the scroll to your opponent.
  • Existing non-combat damage scrolls (except poison) deal magic damage.


  • The profanity filter now properly detects bad words affixed with punctuation and similar.
  • Clicking an offline friend in the friends list now lets you bring up their profile.
  • Removed Herobrine.
  • Removed [] and <> around certain keywords in trait tooltips.

Bug Fixes

  • Live matches should no longer get stuck in the ‘Watch live games’ view.
  • Announcements and whispers no longer automatically become lowercase.
  • Sifted tier 3 scrolls now give gold rewards just like drawn scrolls.


  • Unit previews (before the animation is loaded) should now be properly positioned and scaled.
  • We’ve optimized our animation format for load speed.

That’s it!  Let us know what you think.