How much longer? Can we pull over?



It’s the question on everyone’s mind.  Where are we, and how much longer until release?


Where is the frosting?

I’ve often compared the current state of Scrolls development to that of baking a delicious cake. We all want our own types of frosting and candles on top.  Some of us think the frosting should be chocolate. Others? Vanilla. Some say we should put a single candle on top while others would like to have twenty. This is all well and good – but we have to wait for the batter to finish cooking in the oven first. That is exactly what’s happening right now. However, instead of picturing a sweet creamy mixture rising in a pan, you can picture a bunch of guys grouped around computers and tablets wildly flailing their arms at their keyboards until a bug is fixed. Then they move on to the next bug. And the next one. That is where we are right now. Development at this time is focused entirely on this mundane but extremely vital process to ensure a smoothly functioning tablet version for release.

Carnalizer wrote a post in the Devblog this week giving some insight into the current office life of the Scrolls team. Though he didn’t mention cake, he does talk about nuts – so the food theme is holding strong. Hey, what’s that? A new trailer being produced? I hope there’s no dubstep.

In all seriousness, this is a very stressful time for both the developers and players of Scrolls. Everyone wants release to happen. Players tap their feet while developers tap their keyboards. Rest assured, it’s coming. Once it comes?  We celebrate, then climb right back onto that horse and continue to improve the game we all know and love: Scrolls.


Distraction with shiny objects

Hey, look over here!



Shiny new avatars!  Here’s a sneak peak at a couple of the new avatars. From what I’ve been told they will eventually be available for purchase from the store. What does that guy do once he runs out of those giant metal balls? I hope his monkey has a back-up plan.


Wanted: wiki workers

Ever go to the Scrollsguide Wiki? If you’re reading this, the answer is probably yes. Let’s be frank: it needs some love. The Scrollsguide crew is asking for some help in this area. Don’t worry – you don’t need any particular experience in wiki editing to contribute. It’s incredibly simple. Take a look at the recently updated Community Portal for the wiki to get an idea on how you can help out. Help our resources be as useful as possible prior to release so that new players can get the information they need.


Weekend Tournaments

You’ve got a choice ahead of you this Sunday.  Will it be Bunnies, or Electronic Sports? That’s right, ESL Black Market #7 and The Bunny Cup #2 will be occurring at the same time. There’s something for everybody!

Hang in there, Scrolldiers.