Up, up and away



Faster than a speeding Kabonk, more powerful than an Iron Ogre, able to move one creature in a single Flip – a special reward awaits the most elite on the Scrolls ladder.

Scrolls Minecraft capes

An exclusive Minecraft cape! See it up there? It looks like a big ol’ pixelated Scroll on your back.

Want one yourself? Well, you have quite a task ahead of you. You know those badges that are given away every week for the top three ladder positions? Right. I’m gonna need you to earn first place five times.

You heard me right. First place. Five times. Impossible, you say? Not at all! Two players have already achieved this. Congratulations to _antirad_ and nickdean16 for accomplishing this incredible feat.  Get blown up by creepers in style!

 -Gary (@Atmaz)