ScrollsGuide Open – This weekend

Ducal Skirmisher


Like the art above?  You can win a framed copy of it this weekend.  Read on to find out how.

ScrollsGuide Open – Waypoints

Likely the last big Scrolls tournament before release – The ScrollsGuide Open will be running this Saturday and Sunday, December 6th and 7th.  Due to an upcoming patch to the live servers, registration has been extended to this Friday, December 5th.  What balance changes will the patch bring, you ask? Check out what’s on the Test Server here. Expect these changes to go live very soon and start thinking about what decks you would like to enter.  In fact, you can enter them now and change them later if you like!

Tournament organizer and Scrolls veteran, Blinky, has organized quite a show for everyone. Expect over ten casting personalities to cover the entire tournament live on stream at our brand new official channel – Consider this to be the maiden voyage of a channel we hope to show off many future community events with.

Players of all skill and rank are encouraged to sign up. Even if you don’t win, you still might have a chance to get your games commentated on and analyzed by the community. It’s fun, trust me! You can learn quite a lot from just one match.

Previous ScrollsGuide Opens have rewarded the coveted “Tournament Heads,” and this one will be no exception.  The top four finishers will be awarded everyone’s favorite purple monsters.




These tournament heads won’t be available much longer.  We expect to cycle through to new ones some time after release.  Get ’em while you can! In addition to all of that, there is close to 150,000 gold up for grabs.  Finish in the top eight to get yourself a piece of that pie.  There’s a lot on the line!

What are you waiting for? Register here!

 -Gary (@Atmaz)