This Week in Scrolls – Almost there



It’s so close we can taste it. The giant red “release” button is glowing, aching to be pressed.  The balance patch is in. The demo version is in testing on a larger scale. It’s been a productive week, and we’re not done yet.

Patches and updates

The server-side balance patch went live on Wednesday. A client-side update was distributed the following day, which set us up for some more demo version testing and fixed some of the pesky bugs on the Black Market. We’re just about where we want to be for official release.  I can’t wait until I can stop having to say that!


New Ducal unit art

Along with the balance changes came the long-awaited updates to the Ducal unit and scroll art, the result of the Scroll Makeover Contest held on Scrollsguide. Keep a look out for blue vests on the battlefield, it’ll probably be one of these guys.




ScrollsGuide Open

I’ve already posted about the ScrollsGuide Open this week, but I cannot stress enough how cool this is going to be. If I could put flashing lights around a heading, this is the one I would choose. Looking right now, I see there are almost thirty players signed up. It’s still not too late for you to register. Between all of the players, casters, and analysts – this tournament stands to be potentially the most well covered in Scrolls history. Whether you’re playing in it or not, make sure to head over to our channel which will be broadcasting all day on Saturday and Sunday. Check Blinky’s original posting to find out what time you can expect it to start. This tournament will be a great way to say a final goodbye to the beta, and hopefully set a great standard for many events to come.


Press kits

We’ve released some press kits today. Over the next week, members of the media and content creators will be playing the game alongside us all. If you see any new faces around, make sure to give them a smiley. 🙂


With all that said, see you this weekend! We’ve got a lot of prep work left for the tournament, and Blinky will yell at us if we aren’t ready.