Humble Bundle Rumble

 Scrolls Bundle

Do you like digital card games? Physical, real-life ones? T Shirts? Do you like those? Secret stuff? I bet you do.

For that reason, you should obviously buy the Humble Card Game Bundle. It’s a very clever thing; you get different amounts of stuff depending on how much money you’re willing to pony up. You even get to choose exactly where your money goes: to a few different charities, the games developers, or the good folks at Humble Bundle.

Here’s an explanation of what you get for your cash. If it seems confusing, that’s because it is! Sorry.


Free (available without purchase)

  • Card City Nights (Digital + Print and Play)
  • Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space (Print and Play)

Pay What You Want

  • Scrolls Full Version
  • SolForge (Dinosaur Starter Deck)
  • Star Realms Full Version
  • Talisman: Digital Edition + 2 Character Pack DLCs

Beat the Average

  • Magic 2015: Duels of the Planeswalkers (Special Edition (??)) + Garruk’s Revenge
  • Dominion Online (Seaside Complete)
  • SolForge (2 Starter Decks + 1300 Gold)

Pay At Least $12

  • Card Hunter (Basic Edition [IAP Item])
  • Dominion Online (Intrigue Complete + Prosperity Complete)
  • Scrolls Deluxe(2 Exclusive Avatars + 2 Debut Pre-Constructed Decks)


Scrolls Bundle


Here’s a look at the new avatars available exclusively from the Humble Bundle:




The two preconstructed decks included with the Deluxe purchase are hot off the presses of the recent preconstructed deck contest.

 You’ll get the following two decks:

Pay At Least $35

  • Exclusive card game / Humble Bundle-themed t-shirt (by The Yetee)
  • Star Realms (Physical) + Exclusive Alternate Art Card

It’s the perfect opportunity to pick up a copy of Scrolls and get some other great card games as well! Make your purchase here!


Scrolls Humble Bundle FAQ

How do I redeem my codes received from the Humble Bundle?

How do I upgrade my Demo account with a code?

Go to and enter the code via “Redeem Code” option in the “My Account” menu. If you are already logged in to the game then you need to log out and in to complete upgrading.

If I purchase the 12$ “Deluxe Pack,” and I already own Scrolls, will I be able to give away the Game Code to a friend and keep the avatars?

Yes. You’ll receive two separate codes. One is redeemable for a copy of the game, and the other is redeemable in the in-game store to unlock the special avatars and preconstructed decks.

If I have already purchased the preconstructed decks from the Deluxe package, will I get them again?

Yes, you’ll receive a full collection of the deck in your library.

I cannot find the Redeem Code button in the Store on my Android device, help!

Unfortunately, there is no way to redeem the code on Android devices at the moment. You’ll have to do this using the PC or Mac client. Sorry for the inconvenience!