This Week in Scrolls – What’s next?



The Humble Bundle has brought in a lot of new players to our community, and we hope you all feel welcome! Here’s a little of what you can expect to come next in the world of Scrolls.

What’s next for Scrolls?

This week the team has been working on a variety of different features.

  • Daily Trials are being upgraded with new possibilities by resident AI master Jon
  • More work has been put in toward expanding Store automation (along the lines of the weekly rotating custom idols added recently)
  • Work on the next set of scrolls, Set #7, has been in full force this week, with a lot of the design getting closer to finalization. No, there’s no name for it yet!
  • A set of balance changes is in the works and on track for February
  • Improvements are being fleshed out on the flow of tutorials from one to the next – specifically having to do with making it more appealing/rewarding to continue.

Behold: Varas, Essence Eater

As mentioned above, Måns has been hammering out a lot of new scrolls for the next set. He was generous enough to give me a sneak peek at one of the new Decay units – and it gave me pleasant tinglings throughout my body. I want to make a point that none of these stats are final and it certainly needs testing, but we’d like to show it off nonetheless. Additionally, the art for it is not quite done – so I had to substitute my own using the scroll designer.


While this particular unit may be lacking art right now, carnalizer has been live streaming some of his illustrative prowess for the next set. The results of that can be kept track of on the front page of

Balance proposal

We’ve posted the proposal for the next set of balance changes, influenced heavily by the voice of the players. In general, the goal of this set of changes is to raise all of the factions nearer to the same level rather than beat one into the ground. There are also a few “problem scrolls” we’re trying to address, as well as a few improvements to some scrolls that don’t see a lot of play. As the title says, it’s only a proposal at this time, and is not yet being put on the test server. We are looking forward to reading the community’s valuable feedback on this.

Scroll design contest results

In addition to all of that, judging for the Scrolls Design Contest is almost complete. We’re not quite ready to announce the winners yet, though. There were so many good submissions, picking only a few of them is quite a task. Hang tight!



ESL Highlander Cup, February 1st

Ever hear of a limited card game format called “Highlander”? In this case, it means you’re allowed only one of each different scroll in your deck.

“There can be only one.” Got it? Good.

If that sounds like it’s up your alley, feel free to take part in this Sunday’s ESL All Stars Cup. Remember, your points are tracked across all cups in an ESL series, and this is the last cup in this particular one. Rewards for finishing near the top can be found here.

Make your own tournament!

Not happy with the Highlander format, or want something more? By all means, create your own! We’re more than eager to help you out with some additional rewards for your players such as scrolls, decks, gold, or even the “Tournament Head” or a T-Shirt – if it gets big enough! Feel free to email me at with your idea and I can tell you what we can do to support you.


Thanks everyone! Oh – I’d like to give a special thank you to all of our in-game Moderators who have been very helpful to new players in chat this past week. They do a lot of good work. Next time you see one, give them a nice big hug.

-Gary (@Atmaz)