Test Server: Echoes – Batch 2



The next set of Echoes scrolls has hit the Test Server. Read on to see out what you’ll find.

March 20, 2015 – Changelog 1.2.3 (client 1.2.0)

  • Added an additional twelve scrolls from set 7: Echoes:
    • Deathly Grasp:
      2 Decay
      Target creature gets Slayer until end of turn.
    • Earthboon:
      2 Growth.
      Enchanted unit gets +1 Attack for each Lingering spell in play. Whenever a Lingering spell is played, enchanted unit’s Countdown is decreased by 1.
    • Essence Garb:
      2 Decay
      Enchanted creature gets +1 Attack and +1 Health.
      Dominion: +2 Attack and +2 Health
    • Oppressor’s Rule:
      2 Order
      Units on one side of a row have their Move decreased by 1 until the end of their turn. Any attached enchantments are destroyed.
    • Pickaxe Volunteer:
      2 Energy
      Creature: Human
    • Scout:
      2 Order
      Creature: Human
      When Scout comes into play, sift 3 scrolls from your library. Choose one of them to put on top of your library.
    • Extractor Device:
      3 Energy
      Pillage: Increase Energy by 1.
    • Favored:
      3 Order
      Enchanted unit gets +2 Health.
      Dominion: Enchanted unit’s Attack is increased by your Order.
    • Melt-Iron Shell:
      3 Energy
      Surge: Enchanted unit’s Attack and Health are increased by X.
    • Pack Husk:
      3 Decay
      Creature: Undead
      When Pack Husk is destroyed, draw 1 scroll.
    • Steelwood Champion:
      4 Growth
      Creature: Human, Warden
      Inspiring: +1 Attack
    • Verdant Remnant:
      4 Growth
      Structure: Totem
      Haste. When Verdant Remnant’s Countdown becomes 0, draw 1 creature scroll.

New units:



Additional changes:

  • Carvans of the Expanse (Order): Now has Dominion: +1 Attack to your units, and activates other Dominion traits.
  • Wings Charger (Order): Now has 5 Health (was 4).
  • Eternal Sword (Order): Fixed a duplication issue in trials [bug fix].
  • Berserker (Growth): Now has 5 Health (was 4).
  • Nog Nest (Growth): Can no longer be saved from self-destruction with Appurtenance.

The changes to Wings Charger and Berserker were originally mentioned in this discussion thread, and we’ve heard a lot of great feedback concerning Stormknight’s future. While we consider those ideas, we will hold off on changing him for now.

New scroll art:



Whew! That’s a lot of Echoes.

Accessing the Test Server

You can access the Test Server by starting the Scrolls launcher, clicking “More Options”-> “Play Test Server.” ┬áKeep in mind, the Test Server is just that – a test server, and some users may experience login issues from time to time.

Have fun!

-Gary (@Atmaz)