Test Server – Echoes: Full set



It’s here. Handle it carefully. All remaining Echoes scrolls have been pushed to the test server. Brace yourselves and read on to get a full list of the new scrolls.


Changelog 1.2.11 (client 1.2.11)


  • Added the remaining 20 Echoes scrolls.
    • Corpse Strider
      2 Decay
      Creature: Human, Mystic (2/2/1)
      When an Undead is destroyed, Corpse Strider’s Attack and Health are increased by 1.
    • Keeper’s Pledge
      2 Growth
      Spell: Lingering
      Linger 4. When a creature comes into play, other creatures on that side get +1 Attack until end of turn.
    • Miremare
      2 Decay
      Creature: Beast, Masked (2/2/2)
      Dominion: +3 Attack and +3 Health.
    • Overgrown Menhir
      2 Growth
      Structure: Totem (0/-/2)
      When a creature comes into play next to Overgrown Menhir, that creature’s Countdown is decreased by 1.
    • Spotted Lynx
      2 Growth
      Creature: Beast, Cat (3/2/2)
      When an opponent creature comes into play, Spotted Lynx’s Countdown is decreased by 1.
    • Steelwood Dedication
      2 Growth
      Spell: Lingering
      Linger 5. If a creature you control is dealt damage during combat, it is then healed by 3.
    • Stirring Effigy
      2 Order
      Resonance: A random adjacent creature gets +1 Attack.
    • Wind-up Automaton
      2 Energy
      Creature: Automaton (0/1/3)
      Ranged Attack. Wind-up counts up instead of down at the beginning of its turn. Pay 2 Energy to increase Attack by Countdown until end of turn. Countdown is set to 0.
    • Just Conviction
      3 Order
      Spell: Lingering
      Linger: 5. Soldiers you control have +1 Attack.
    • Magma Thrower
      3 Energy
      Creature: Human (2/2/3)
      Magma Thrower’s Attack is equal to your current Energy resource.
    • Pack Fowl
      3 Order
      Creature: Beast (3/2/3)
      Dominion: While Pack Fowl is in play, Wild is increased by 2.
    • Corpse Theft
      4 Decay
      When enchanted creature is destroyed, an Undead copy of that creature is summoned on a random tile on your side.
    • Doomteller
      4 Decay
      Structure: Totem (0/4/4)
      When Doomteller’s Countdown becomes 0, opponent idols take 2 damage.
    • Blast Automaton
      5 Energy
      Creature: Automaton (3/2/4)
      Ranged Attack. Armor 2. When Blast Automaton damages an opponent in combat, adjacent units are dealt 1 damage.
    • Excogitator
      5 Energy
      Structure: Forge (0/3/5)
      Unique. Instead of attacking, Excogitator summons a Scout Automaton on an adjacent tile. Pay 2 Energy to decrease Countdown by 1.
    • Ka Zum Driller
      5 Energy
      Creature: Human (3/2/3)
      Pillage: The damaged idol is destroyed.
    • Consolidator Niara
      6 Growth
      Creature: Human (2/2/5)
      Unique. Relentless. When you play a creature scroll with a subtype not on your side, creatures you control get +2 Attack until end of turn.
    • Imperial Scepter
      6 Order
      Structure (0/-/3)
      Unique. Resonance: Adjacent units have their Countdown decreased by 1.
    • Varas, Essence Eater
      6 Decay
      Creature: Human, Mystic (3/2/6)
      Unique. Relentless. Varas has +2 Attack for each destroyed idol on the board.
    • Orz Disruptor
      7 Order
      Creature: Human, Knight (5/2/5)
      When a Human you control deals damage to a unit, opponent’s idol on that row is dealt 2 damage.


  • Slithering Form (Decay): Now has Magic resistance 2.
  • Favored (Order): Dominion effect now increases Attack by 5 (instead of by your Order).


  • Lobby chat is now available while watching replays.

Custom matches

  • Can now filter custom matches on titles or author.

You can find a convenient image gallery of all the new scrolls over at Scrollsguide. Thanks, Zylus!


Accessing the Test Server

You can help us work out the bugs and tweaks in Echoes. Access the test server by starting your Scrolls launcher and selecting “More Options.” You’ll be presented with a big, fat “PLAY TEST SERVER” button. You’ll want to click that.

Who has access to the test server? Everyone!

Go hog wild.