MINECON Open finalists and alternates


Congratulations to the last four MINECON Open finalists!

  • _antirad_
  • Dialex
  • Nrp123
  • Magpieman

Read on for more about the MINECON Open and an explanation of the alternate system.

Previous finalists

  • ChiefBromden
  • Holofoil
  • Tajic
  • Jubape

Bracket seeding

Remember, bracket seeding will be determined through Ranked rating recorded at 2200 GMT the day before the tournament (July 3rd).

The following players’ rating will also be recorded as a list of alternates should a finalist not be able to attend:


  • Francony
  • AllToDust
  • alvarpq
  • ktrey
  • Tak4n
  • NinjaTurtle
  • lbrande

This means that the alternate with the highest rating shall have first chance to replace a player. Should there be a tie in rating, those players shall play one game to determine the finalist. Three way ties and higher will require a mini-bracket seeded by rating.


See you in London!

-Gary (@Atmaz)