Yearly Archives: 2015

Test server – More balance tweaks

  This test server patch contains a little bit more post-Echoes tuning and a few miscellaneous additions and bug fixes. There’s also a surprise beetle! Click the Corpse Strider to learn more.

MINECON Open Finalists – Qualifier #1

The first qualifier for the MINECON Open is over! You can watch the full tournament here. Congratulations to the finalists: ChiefBromden Holofoil Tajic Jubape There’s still time to register for next Sunday’s qualifier. See you there!

MINECON Open registration and prize updates

  The first qualifier for the MINECON Open takes place this Sunday, June 21st, at 16:00 GMT. We’ve also added some new prizes for the finals! Read on to find out how you can participate.

Test Server – Echoes balance

  A large batch of balance changes and miscellaneous fixes/adjustments have sneaked their way on to the test server. Over 50 scrolls are seeing a change! Read on to see the complete list.

This Week in Scrolls – Rocking Echoes

  In case you’ve been living under a Menhir, Echoes was unleashed on to live servers earlier this week. The new ranked season has begun, and custom matches are sprouting everywhere. Read on for more!

Ranked reset

  With Echoes releases comes the introduction of automated ladder seasons. Read on to find out exactly how this will affect the current ranked ladder, and how the new automated seasons will be structured.