Minor bugfix patch


Hello Scrolldiers,

We've just finished a minor update - 2.0.1 - for both the client and the server. This is a stability patch that should be backwards compatible with version 2.0.0. A few issues have been fixed, including not being able to play challenge matches with other players.

Downloading the update

To get the update, go to the download page and grab the latest version.

2.0.1 Changelog

  • Client: Fixed players not being able to challenge each other
  • Client: Fixed rejoining chat channels after matches sometimes not working
  • Client: Fixed an issue where chat sounds from channels you couldn't see would sometimes play during matches
  • Server: Users can no longer have spaces in names
  • Server: Fixed ranked top list and black market offers being sorted incorrectly
  • Server: Server can now configure the rate at which players are matched in matchmaking (via the database - see instructions file contained in the zip)

See you on the battlefield!